Fascinator Mask


These beautifully embellished, one-of-a-kind masks will top off all your special outfits with flair.

The striking geometric design adds a touch of glamour to all your special occasions, holiday events, date nights, and workplace festivities.  The 3D shape keeps the mask high off your nose and mouth, and provides lots of air space right where it counts.

These washable, reusable face masks are hand-made by Canadian artisans in British Columbia.  We use three layers of tightly woven materials which are comfortable and safe to wear against facial skin (very important for long-term wearability).

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Fascinator masks are based on the Sparrowhawk base model, with added special flourishes.  Some of them are truly one-of-a-kind, while we have enough material left to make one or two more of others.  Either way, they’re gone when they’re gone!

Its construction makes it super-robust; the side panels contain 6 or more layers (but there are just 3 layers directly over your breathing passages, so it won’t block too much airflow).

The solid, supportive sides keeps the “beak” from collapsing onto your face. This also makes for a good seal around the edges, since they’re sturdy enough not to gape.  Some people love the firmness and extra barrier provided by the 6-ply side panels, while others feel they’re just too much.  You’ll have to decide for yourself.

The sharp “beak” creates lots of height, so it won’t touch or soak up moisture from your face (except at the very edge) or breathing passages.  The shaping over the nose helps glasses resist fogging up.

Your Options

Fascinator masks come with elastic ear loops, which are deliberately left on the longer side so you can tie knots (or otherwise shorten) to adjust the length to your own size.  This is the only way to accommodate everyone’s size and personal preferences.

They do not contain moldable nose wires, since they’re strictly optional with this mask style; it conforms quite well over the nose bridge even without one.  However, if you have a very high or sharp nose bridge, and/or if you normally have problems with glasses that fog up, a nose piece will probably help.  Find out more about nose pieces here.

If you want ties instead of elastics or feel the need to add a nose wire, just contact us with your order and we’ll add them for you.

Care Instructions

Because decorative trim is more delicate than the base fabrics, we recommend that you hand- wash Fascinator masks in warm water with clear liquid soap or dish detergent.  If your mask has a detachable brooch, remove it before cleaning (it can be washed and dried separately to prevent tarnishing).

Wash and rinse the masks more or less the way you would wash your hands, which will sanitize them sufficiently, provided you make sure the water and detergent reach all layers thoroughly.  Dab gently with a kitchen or bath towel to remove excess water.  Lay flat to dry, or if you’re in a hurry, blow-dry (carefully, to avoid scorching).

Other fabrics and colours

If you’re looking for a fabric or colour to match a special outfit or themed event, you can browse our vast gallery of fabrics (see our taffetas and brocades) then contact us directly to discuss your choices.

Questions about Masks

If you have questions about the usefulness, care instructions, and safety of face masks, read through these frequently asked questions.

If you’re still trying to figure out why you should or shouldn’t wear masks in public, here’s a critical thinker’s guide to face masks.

If you’re not sure which style is best for you, find out how to Fit Your Face.


We ship via Canada Post.  Up to five masks travel by letter mail and do not have tracking numbers.  Larger quantities are shipped via parcel and tracking number is provided.  Note that Canada Post has suspended delivery guarantees.  If you want to get them faster, contact us for a quote on expedited shipping methods.


The photos show Felix and Kitty each wearing a size Large (Holiday Paisley, Green & Gold Scroll, Dog Print) and Medium (Brown and Tweed) for comparison, and the styrofoam head in a size Small.


Remember that no masks can offer full protection against any kind of infection or danger.  No info on this site should be taken as medical advice.  These masks are not meant to substitute for standardized medical equipment.  If you have health-related concerns, talk to your physician.

Please read the FAQ and the Mask Wear and Care instructions before using any masks!

For your safety and ours, returns or exchanges are absolutely not possible with face masks!

We’re doing our best to keep prices as low as humanly possible to help ensure everyone who wants masks can have them right now.  So we’re offering them for the cost of materials, plus minimum wage for our sewing time.  We’ll try to maintain this for as long as the need exists and our materials hold out.


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Weight .03 kg

Small, Medium, Large


Black w/Gold Lace Overlay & Gold Roses, Purple w/Lavender Bow, Silver Jacquard w/Detachable Brooch, Burgundy Taffeta w/Looped Fringe Trim


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