Month: April 2020

A Tale of Two Masks

(Why Felix loves the face mask Kitty hates)

By Kitty

In my previous blog, I talked about several types of fabric face masks and their pros and cons.  It was weirdly timely; only a few days afterwards, we were officially informed that masks will be mandatory in some situations to slow community spread, which means we had best get on with finding the best one for us (or at least one we can tolerate!).

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Adding More Fabrics

We’ve added a few more fabrics to the gallery for our “Put On a Good Face” masks. Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • Black Pinstriped T-shirt Knit
  • a purple floral print in T-shirt knit
  • a leaf green satin
  • red with black flocking
  • royal blue with black flocking
  • Kitty’s Choice!

“Kitty’s Choice” is just that. She picks any suitable fabric from her collection – not just what you see in the gallery. Truly random!