Anteater Mask


If you want the maximum amount of air space between you and your face mask, this is the style for you.

The anteater mask forms a high dome shape that only touches your face around the rim — no nose or mouth contact!  This means fabric doesn’t stick to your skin or gets snorted, even if you get sweaty or are breathing hard.  This is the style that gives you the most clearance and height of any of our 3D mask shapes.

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With the most clearance and height of any of our 3D mask shapes, the Anteater is a good choice if you:

  • Need loads of space in your mask so your breathing doesn’t feel restricted
  • Really hate damp fabric resting on your skin or blocking air passages
  • Want a mask you can’t accidentally inhale during exertion
  • Dislike pressing pleats on masks after laundering, and don’t need the extra vertical coverage they provide
  • Find nose wires uncomfortable but still need a decent seal around the bridge of your nose

The angle of the Anteater’s “snout” keeps the top line nicely sealed against the bridge of your nose even without a wire nose-piece.  The under-eye scoop keeps the mask from wandering up into your vision.  Clever shaping helps the edges forms a gap-free seal against your face, but the “snout” means the rest of the mask stays lifted high off of anywhere it can block your air intake or get wet from exhaled moisture.

These washable, reusable face masks are hand-made by Canadian artisans in British Columbia.  We use two layers of tightly woven but relatively breathable materials which are safe to wear against facial skin — very important for long-term wearability.

Your Options

Fabric Choices

All fabrics are have been put through a washer and dryer before cutting out the masks, so you can safely machine-wash and tumble-dry them.  If you intend to use bleach, you should stick with white cotton only and opt for the nose-piece at your own risk.

Ties vs. Elastics?

You can opt for adjustable ties that go behind the head, which allow you to customize the tightness for maximum comfort (a good choice for people with sensitive ears).  Or you can choose ear elastics for ease of use.  However, please be aware that with this style of mask, you won’t be able to replace elastics as easily as you can for “Put on a Good Face” masks (it can be done, but it’s more work).

Alternative Mask Styles

Depending on your face shape, style requirements, or preferences, you may find on of our other styles a better fit for you.  In particular, if you have a long face, a sharp or high nose bridge, a prominent chin, a beard, or a very mobile jaw (that is, if you move your jaw up and down a lot when you talk), you may want to look into the Accordion mask or the Ziggurat mask instead.

If you’re not sure which style is best for you, consider getting one of each, then laundering and gifting or donating the ones you don’t like as much.  We match each of your purchases with a mask we donate to someone in need, so you’ll be helping others while figuring out what works for you.

Also consider getting more than one mask per person so you can wash and dry used masks after every wearing, especially if anyone in your family has cold-like symptoms, or if you’re in contact with other people for your job.

Ear Rescue Straps Upgrade

Ear Rescue straps consist of two separate straps, one adjustable with Velcro and one super-soft elastic, that go behind your head and take all the pressure off your ears.  You can have perfectly comfortable, pain-free ears even at the end of a long day of mask wearing!

You can learn more about the Ear Rescue strap system details or in the annoucement post.

The Ear Rescue straps upgrade is currently also available for (“Put On a Good Face,”) Ziggurat, and Anteater masks only.

If you think you need extra-long or -short straps, or want them for a child, please contact us for instructions for custom measurements.

Questions about Masks

If you have questions about the usefulness, care instructions, and safety of face masks, read through these frequently asked questions.

If you’re still trying to figure out why you should or shouldn’t wear masks in public, here’s a critical thinker’s guide to face masks.


We ship via Canada Post.  Up to five masks travel by letter mail and do not have tracking numbers.  Larger quantities are shipped via parcel and tracking number is provided.  Note that Canada Post has suspended delivery guarantees.  If you want to get them faster, contact us for a quote on expedited shipping methods.


Remember that no masks can offer full protection against any kind of infection or danger.  These are offered for fashion and personal comfort reasons only, same as any other masks that are not specifically produced to medical specifications.  Please read the FAQ and the Mask Wear and Care instructions before using any masks!

For your safety and ours, returns or exchanges are absolutely not possible with all face masks!

We’re doing our best to keep prices as low as humanly possible to help ensure everyone who wants masks can have them right now.  So we’re offering them for the cost of materials, plus minimum wage for our sewing time.  We’ll try to maintain this for as long as the need exists and our materials hold out.

Of course, being smart and educated people, you already know that none of this should ever be taken as medical advice or meant to substitute for official and standardized medical equipment, and is meant for personal choice and fashion purposes.  Do the hand-washing, social distancing thing!  And if you think you or yours have an illness, call your doctor.  Though of course there’s no reason you shouldn’t do any of these things while wearing puppy dog print or hot pink fabrics on your face.


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Strap Style

Ties, Elastic loop, Ear Rescue


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