Accordion Mask


This is the classic choice if you’re after a traditional-style face mask.

These washable, reusable face masks are hand-made by Canadian artisans in British Columbia.  We use three layers of tightly woven but relatively breathable materials which are safe to wear against the face (very important for long-term wearability).

You can choose to have a flexible concealed wire nose-piece, so you can mould the top edge into a custom shape for a snugger fit (this can help reduce fogging up glasses).  Find out if you need a nose-piece or not.

Price breaks are available for quantities or 2, 5, 10, and 20.


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Accordion masks have generous pleats make room for your nose and open up when you talk, which can prevent the mask from riding up or down for some wearers (especially if you have a longer face).  For men, pleats may provide more coverage for beards and/or keep stubble from catching on and pulling the mask down too far.

Consider getting more than one mask per person so you can wash and dry used masks after every wearing, especially if anyone in your family has cold-like symptoms, or if you’re in contact with other people for your job.

Ties vs. Elastics?

You can order your mask with either (a) elastic ear loops or (b) ties at the top & bottom of the mask.  However, please be aware that you won’t be able to replace elastics as easily as you can for “Put on a Good Face” masks (it can be done, but it’s more work).

If you choose elastic ear loops, please be aware that they are deliberately left on the long side, so you can tie a knot in them to tighten them to your own liking.  This is the only way we can accommodate many different sizes and preferences.

Questions about Masks

If you have questions about the usefulness, care instructions, and safety of face masks, read through these frequently asked questions.

If you’re still trying to figure out why you should or shouldn’t wear masks in public, here’s a critical thinker’s guide to face masks.


If you find your glasses fog up or that your mask fabric sticks to your skin in hot weather, you might want to check out our new Gondola mask or the Ziggurat mask.  If you just want a lot more height and air space between you and the mask, also check out the Sparrowhawk and Anteater masks.

If you’re not sure which style is best for you, check out how to Fit Your Face.

Fabric Choices

All fabrics are have been put through a washer and dryer before cutting out the masks, so you can safely machine-wash and tumble-dry them.  Remember that nose-pieces may rust or degrade rapidly with bleach.  Read more to decide whether you want a nose-piece or not.  If you intend to use bleach, you should stick with white cotton only and opt for the nose-piece at your own risk.


We ship via Canada Post.  Up to five masks travel by letter mail and do not have tracking numbers.  Larger quantities are shipped via parcel and tracking number is provided.  Note that Canada Post has suspended delivery guarantees.  If you want to get them faster, contact us for a quote on expedited shipping methods.


The product image shows an Accordion mask with a wire nose-piece and elastic ear loops.


For your safety and ours, returns or exchanges are absolutely not possible with face masks!

IMPORTANT: Remember that no masks can offer full protection against any kind of infection or danger.  No info on this site should be taken as medical advice.  These masks are not meant to substitute for standardized medical equipment.  If you have health-related concerns, talk to your physician.

Please read the FAQ and the Mask Wear and Care instructions before using any masks!

We’re doing our best to keep prices as low as humanly possible to help ensure everyone who wants masks can have them right now.  So we’re offering them for the cost of materials, plus minimum wage for our sewing time.  We’ll try to maintain this for as long as the need exists and our materials hold out.


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Ties or Elastic?

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